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Woodworking has provided me with an enjoyable hobby for over 30 years. It has always given me a little relief from the computers that dominate my life, and I truly enjoy working with the variety of colors, densities, grain patterns and other unique characteristics found in each piece of wood.

My brother and I were introduced to woodworking by our dad after he acquired a used 1957 Shopsmith. My primary use of the Shopsmith at the time was turning projects on the lathe and the ultimate goal was to turn a set of chess pieces. However, I really didn't develop my appreciation for woodworking at that age, as I didn't ever finish turning the chess pieces and I also remember receiving my worst grade ever in a Junior High shop class. But I always enjoyed assisting my dad when he was doing household projects using the Shopsmith. Then during college I was very fortunate to work part-time at "Lectrosonics" making wooden enclosures for portable sound systems. Even though my job was mainly mass production of the least expensive plywood enclosures, I began to appreciate woodworkimg while observing my co-workers who crafted the high-end walnut lecturns in the same shop. Years later after Beth and I moved into our first home, dad gave me the old Shopsmith which reignited my interest and was the true beginning of my passion for woodworking that continues to grow to this day. I now have a small woodshop full of machines and tools (see the panorama below), but there is still a place in my garage for the 1957 Shopsmith (which can still be used if needed).

These gallery pages contain many of the woodworking projects that I've completed over the last 3 decades. I hope my enjoyment of this wonderful hobby is evident in the variety and number of images you will find on these pages.

Segmented woodturning has recently become a favorite of mine. I particularly enjoy designing bowls and vases with southwestern patterns in the feature rings.

This gallery includes both traditional shaped boxes using decorative joinery techniques and also organic boxes created mainly with a bandsaw.

Some of these were created with my first scroll saw, a Sears Craftsman, but most were created after upgrading to a very nice DeWalt scroll saw.

I have become somewhat addicted to Intarsia. Much of that addiction can be attributed to Judy Gale Roberts since most of these designs are hers.

Some of these projects were turned on the 1957 Shopsmith that was handed down to me by my dad. The remainder were turned on a Jet mini-lathe given to me by my mom in 1999.

In the past I have primarily focused on creating craft type items in my woodshop. However, here are the home, shop, and patio furniture projects I started working on in 2014.  

A final category whose projects didn't fit into just one of the categories listed above.

Look around inside my woodshop... Click and drag the mouse around in the image below.

Lately, another one of my hobbies has been panoramic photography. The following panoramas aren't related to woodworking, but if you enjoyed looking around in the woodshop panorama above, you might enjoy looking at some of these panoramas.

These panoramas were created with various types of cameras and stitching techniques. Click and drag the mouse around in the panoramic images to experience the 360 degree view.
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